Freshman Year is Nothing Like High School

Freshman Year is Nothing Like High School

Freshman Year is Nothing Like High School

Freshman year is nothing like high school. Though I only take three courses, and each has relatively low workload (unusual), my schedule is full every day. It all started with the activity fair, in which I signed up for 10+ clubs. While it is true, deep inside I know the feeling of tiredness is a result of bad time scheduling and loss of productivity in short slots between larger/mandatory events.

College is not comparable to high school, because my identity changes from a slave of school schedule to an active slave choosing activities and classes. I always want more: auditing a class, meeting a writing consultant before submitting a Moodle post, reading the material for the class after next class, joining all the clubs I signed for and etc. Yet even scheduling my free time on Doodle for the clubs made me feel anxious—I don’t have that much time.

While time management is something I will work on, an obvious obstacle on my way is my “openness” to new things. (Using quotation marks because we learnt the concept in Psyc 110 recently). I accomplished the final goal* of SHAC (student health and counseling center) with my friend Alex during lunch time, which indirectly hindered my plan to audit an Econ course at 1:15. However, to make a choice between planned happiness and unexpected happiness, I think I enjoy the latter (a reason for choosing LAC???). So I am a contradictory person, and to be honest, also greedy that I actually want both.

Reading the things above, I realize that I am analyzing my own personality. (See how Psychology class can change one’s life!)

Share a question I think once in a while: “Which language dominates my dream world, English or Chinese (my mother tongue)?”

*we finished the last piece of the puzzle!!!(Alex is shy XD)

Rosa is an international freshman who wants to major in science, but she also enjoys learning essaysonline social science and art. She loves ultimate frisbee, watercolor painting and dogs. She hasn’t visited most places on campus yet, but she has already fallen in love with Goodsell Observatory, and she secretly wants to sneak into one of the astronomy lab classes. Read on to meet the rest of our bloggers.

Meet the bloggers! Here’s Rosa.

Rosa and her friend Alex work on a puzzle.

Rosa and her friend Alex

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